The Formidable Leader: Mastering the Secrets of Building and Boosting Confidence!

            When it comes to the recipe for success, there’s no ingredient more important—and more elusive—than confidence!  Confidence is naturally appealing as a trait, and its lack can be the cause of paralyzing stress on a both personal and professional level.  Where does confidence stem from, and how can one build it over time?  How can confidence be used to endure times of crisis and take full advantage of budding opportunities?            

          Without question confidence is an essential part of effective leadership; it inspires, it motivates, it facilitates taking calculated risks, it creates positive organizational change, and it’s a source of strength, perseverance, and transformational achievement.  Learning how to master the art of building, maintaining, and boosting confidence is an essential skill, and this seminar will offer both surprising facts and practical tools about fostering and sustaining confidence!