The Art of Creative Thinking: Learning How to Be Extraordinary!

          The myth that creativity is a talent that people are born with and simply can't be developed is all but dead—and businesses are taking a closer look at the prospect of fostering creativity in their people, from the highest levels of management to the hourly wage employees.  Why?  Quite simply, it's an investment that pays off handsomely! What is divergent thinking and how can it be acquired?  What are the traits of creative personalities, and how can one identify creativity in current and prospective employees?  Can creativity be measured in personalities and in employee performance—and how?  When does creative also mean more effective?  These are only some of the questions explored during this exciting seminar!

          Creativity makes the difference between being good and being extraordinary and it is inextricably linked to disruptive innovation.  It’s at the heart of transformational ideas, products and services that go far beyond the ordinary and commonplace.  As our understanding of creative behavior has increased thanks to leaps in creativity-focused research, we have become better able to instill or further enhance the creativity of decision makers and the quality of their decisions.  Problem solvers, leaders, managers, and members of highly effective work teams can all benefit from making strides on mastering creative thinking!  This seminar will take you from asking more creative questions to seeking more creative answers as you strive for continuous organizational improvement!