Persuasion Power: The Psychology of Influence and Winning People Over!

       At the very mention of “influence” some people think of manipulation and sinister motives.  Yet influence is something we all exercise in our daily life; we influence our friends, family, co-workers and customers, sometimes without even thinking, and using rules of thumb we've developed along the way.  Influence is a powerful tool, and it can be used for making positive change in individuals and organizations!

        Understanding persuasion and influence and being able to apply them both ethically and strategically can help improve teamwork, sales, customer service, employee satisfaction, fundraising, and a multitude of areas that are critical to organizational effectiveness!  Just as importantly, it sheds light on how others try to influence us, and makes us more conscious of their tactics.  This seminar looks at how persuasion occurs and how to present ideas in an influential, effective way to achieve a broad array of strategic goals that both companies and non-profit organizations strive for!