Being Decisive, Managing Risk, and Improving Decision Making Under Uncertainty!

            People hate uncertainty and are allergic to ambiguity.  Having to complete an important task without the most detailed instructions feels like navigating a minefield, and making a decision based on incomplete information can be a highly stressful experience.  And yet that’s what real life is like; decision-making involves both ambiguity and uncertainty—and strong leaders need to make decisions that are not only smart, but also inspire confidence in others.

            Those who understand how to estimate and manage risk can overcome the fear of uncertainty and make competent, confident decisions.  It’s impossible to always be right, of course, but it’s entirely possible to make thoughtful decisions while taking calculated risks and without being intimidated by the challenge.  Understanding how to make better, more deliberate, more assertive decisions is an essential skill that everyone on your team needs, and this seminar can help both individuals and organizations improve decision making!