Inside the Consumer’s Mind: What Makes Your Customers Tick and How to Win Them Over!

           Why is it that people remember some things and forget others?  Why does an ad manage to catch your attention, while another passes unnoticed?  Just as importantly, why do some things keep your attention and others fail to do so?  If you ever wondered how you can change your customers’ attitudes, why sometimes consumers say one thing but do another, how consumers make decisions and how you can affect the process, this is one guided tour of the consumer’s mind you won’t want to miss!  After all, isn’t understanding your customers the first step towards serving them better? 

            The way consumers behave is neither random nor unpredictable; your customers’ preferences, choices, and actions are a close reflection of how the human mind works—biases, shortcuts, impulses and all!  What makes customers tick is important for every business to know, just like understanding what makes volunteers, donors, and other constituents tick matters a great deal to non-profit organizations!  This seminar on Consumer Psychology is not abstract or theoretical; it’s full of practical tips on how to get inside your customers’ minds and how to win them over!