The Ten Commandments of Customer Satisfaction: How to Win and Keep a Customer!

           The cost of gaining a new customer is up to 6 times greater than the cost of keeping an existing one—that’s why customer satisfaction should be a primary goal of every organization!  Customer satisfaction is really a bridge to customer loyalty—and it's a bridge no business can afford to ignore. How do your customers perceive your product and how satisfied are they with your service? How can you monitor customer satisfaction most effectively, and how can you best deal with customer dissatisfaction? If you don't listen to your customers, count on the fact that your competition will! 

          Cutting-edge consumer research shows that measuring customer satisfaction is becoming the core of developing and maintaining long-term profitable relationships with customers.  Studies show that only 4% of unsatisfied customers ever complain to a manager or employee, but they tell a great many people about their bad experience!  Unless you take steps to find out who they are and address their concerns promptly, they'll take their business straight to your competitors! Achieving total customer satisfaction must be the goal of everyone in an organization—from the most senior managers to the front-desk employees.  Learn about small and large companies alike that attained new heights of success by creating and implementing customer satisfaction programs—and how you can make one work for your business!  Even more important at times of shrinking budgets, the Ten Commandments of Customer Satisfaction are ten principles that must be at the core of what makes your organization thrive!