Customer Satisfaction, Customer Engagement, and Voice of the Customer Research

     The Customer Experience is not something abstract; it’s something measurable! Measuring customer satisfaction and engagement, and capturing the voice of the customer, will yield trackable information on what your customers love about you, provide testimonials, and even referrals.  It will also allow you to stop using an expensive “shotgun” approach to addressing challenges, and instead focus your resources only on specific areas that need improvement.  This research can generate a profile of your customer segments, their attitudes, behaviors, and traits, as well as solicit ideas on how you can serve them better.          

    Too often, however, poor research design and execution yield data that are inadequate or outright misleading—so doing it right makes a world of difference.  Whether you’re interested in surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, customer panels or other research methods, we offer exceptional survey design and data analysis expertise—and always provide not just research results, but also managerially relevant strategic recommendations for action.