Beyond Employee Retention: Preserving and Developing Your Most Valuable Resource!

            It’s often said that “people are our most valuable resource,” but just as often companies and non-profit organizations don’t quite live up to the implicit promise that this statement encompasses—the commitment to preserve and develop that precious resource!  This can end up being an expensive mistake that affects not only short-term sales performance, but also service, research and development, and results in unnecessary increases in personnel recruitment and training costs.  Employee retention is just a stepping stone to genuine employee loyalty, and building the same kinds of strong, long-term relationships with employees that organizations strive to create with their very best customers!  Why has job hunting become almost a sport, and how can you prevent having an expensive, disruptive turnover rate?  Which employees should a company try to keep at all cost?  What does it take to keep your best people loyal to your company in the long run?

           It’s time to put an end to turnover and the loss of long-time customers, revenues, and precious expertise it entails.  It’s time to celebrate your successes, to attract, keep, and develop top-notch, enthusiastic talent, and to make your organization a “best place to work”!  If happy employees make for happy customers, this seminar will give you practical solutions for how to get a head start over the competition on employee retention, excellence, and beyond!