The Strategic Planning Advantage: Making Your Organization’s Vision Come Alive!

          At times of great competitive threats and new business opportunities alike, one of the single most important elements of success is a sound, well-organized, well-executed strategic planning process!  As vital as a map and compass to a navigator, strategic planning allows companies to chart their course in a way that circumvents obstacles and sails towards exciting new challenges.  Focused on the long-term without ignoring short-term considerations, strategic planning is a process that is complicated yet nothing short of essential for organizations that strive to remain competitive well into the future.

           Amazingly, many organizations suffer from poor strategic planning—or even a complete lack thereof— which leaves them exposed to a multitude of competitive threats and limits their ability to fully utilize their unexploited potential!  This seminar looks at the different stages of the strategic planning process, from its inception to its post-implementation evaluation, in a way that allows managers to explore its many benefits while at the same time being aware of its potential pitfalls!