Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor, and the Incredible Power of Relationships!      

           There are people who spend a lifetime without ever having a mentor, and people who never even think about being one.  Yet mentoring is tremendously powerful, and can be a catalyst for both personal and organizational change!  If finding a mentor is hard enough, finding the right mentor can be even more of a challenge!   Choosing the right person to mentor is at least as important as choosing a mentor of your own—and this is too important to leave anything to chance.  How can you plant the seeds of mentoring, how do mentoring relationships evolve over time, and how can you make the mentoring experience more meaningful and effective?  How can you create a formal mentoring program within your organization?  Join us as we address these challenging questions!

            If you’ve wondered why some people are more successful mentors than others, and why some people have trouble finding the right mentor, this seminar is a good starting point towards building enduring, transformative mentoring relationships.  Whether you’re starting your career or you’re at the top of your game, mentoring can enrich your life, strengthen your organization, and make you an agent for sweeping positive change both at work and beyond!