A Modern Greek Tragedy: Lessons from the Greek Financial Crisis.

             Although a lot has been said about the Greek financial crisis, some of the most startling and disturbing details remain untold:  This is the story of a modern Greek tragedy from someone who's seen both its origins and consequences up close.  What really led to the disaster that became known worldwide as the Greek financial crisis?  How were the lives of ordinary Greek people affected as they struggled to cope with the dire consequences of the crisis?  How could financial institutions have been better prepared to weather the storm, and what are the lessons that hit close to home for financial institutions and ordinary citizens in the United States?

            Understanding this unprecedented (and, for Greece, still ongoing) financial crisis is the first step towards grasping its far-reaching implications and making sure your organization learns how to prepare for and cope with similar situations in the future right here in the U.S.  The best way to do that is to hear from someone who has lived in Greece and the U.S. and can make first-hand comparisons from an insider’s perspective: What you’ll hear will likely surprise you, and will undoubtedly make you look at this crisis very differently!