Research for Decision Makers: How to Make Better Data-Driven Strategic Decisions!

        The more decisive and results-oriented you are, the more important it is for you to take action based on specific, dependable information rather than guesswork.  Yet what makes data-driven decisions more challenging is that getting the right data that can be overwhelming and very expensive.  If you want to make better strategic decisions based on information you can count on, this seminar is your roadmap for focusing on precisely the type of research that's relevant to your business (and avoiding the kind you shouldn't even spend a dime on).  It's a toolkit for how to spot bad data before you buy it or use it for making decisions, and how to prioritize your research needs.  Don't look for theory; this is all about practical information you can start using today!

        If you think your business can survive without making data-driven decisions you may well be right--but there's a world of difference between achieving survival and maximizing success, especially in the face of growing competition.  So join us for a crash course on how to create (or buy) better surveys, the many ways you can capture the voice of your customer, use research to grow your business and attract top-notch talent, and discover what your competitors don't want you to know.  You don't need any research background at all; this is a hands-on guide for decision makers that's easy to understand and ready to apply!