Customer Service Excellence: Reinventing World-Class Service!

             Customer service can be an iron-clad source of competitive advantage: No matter what you sell or what service you provide, the way you treat your customer (and the way your employees treat the customer) can make or break your business.  Competing on the basis of superior products or prices cannot possibly be sustained in the long run unless excellent service is an integral part of what you offer!  How do you instill a true passion for customer service in your staff?  How can you be sure that emphasizing customer service will actually pay off for your business?

             Everyone in a business organization is a customer service provider—and remember, happy customers tell their friends, but unhappy customers tell everybody!  Several studies show that it's not poor product performance or high prices, but actually a bad customer service experience that is the single most important cause of losing a customer!  There are ways of turning even unsatisfied customers into loyal ones; great service simply adds tremendous value to your products and your reputation.  It’s hard enough to achieve customer service excellence—but doing it consistently, and in a way that delights customers in unexpected ways is as much an art as it is a science.  This seminar will help you reinvent world-class service and use it to knock your customers’ socks off!